Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seated Woman

Drawn Tuesday morning, from life.  Five minute gesture drawing.

Tombow marker, with brush and water, on 8" x 8" watercolor paper.


  1. This woman is a challenge she's so thin. You do manage to add so much expression to these drawings with marker and pastel.

  2. Thanks, Linda.

    This is just a very quick gesture drawing, where most of what I got was the location of limbs. Then the pose was over.

  3. Nice! Five minutes goes by fast in drawing time.

    I like your square format - I'm really interested in small squares these days.

  4. I am loving these little squares.

    This is a Blick watercolor pad that is only glued down on two sides, very easy to use. Very transportable.

  5. 8x8 post cards? You used to be able to buy watercolor paper postcards as blanks. They had nice serrated edges. I still have a few

  6. Nope, just a pad Blick sells. I bought it when I was visiting Chicago, for its portability and I am still using it.