Sunday, April 12, 2009


These are marker drawings from life made at Spring Studio, in 2008. Both were terrific models, whom I drew more than once.

The approximately 20"x24" drawing on the left is marker, plus wet brush. The approximately 17"x23" drawing on the right has areas of pastel added over the markers.


  1. How fun Jean! I'd give anything to have the creative spark that led me to portraits and figures...Very exciting pieces!

  2. Thanks, Saundra. Figures and faces are definitely my obsession. It's the variety of artistic passions, including yours, that is making my baby-steps into the blogging world so much fun.

  3. Good contrast between light and shadow. I love these drawings (or should I say paintings).
    PS: rietpen = reed pen

  4. Thanks, Annie. I guess I should have tried saying "riet" aloud. You are making me want to mess around with different drawing implements.