Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reclining In Lavender; Reclining In Blue; Artist And Model In December

The top two drawings were drawn this morning, from life.

They are pastels, on approximately 9"x12" card.

The model was in a single pose.  The figure in blue is a mirror image, from a different place, of the figure in lavender.

Do I even need to say I was late--almost an hour late?  In this case, it's because I forgot the time while painting earlier this morning on the canvas below.

Artist And Model In December is oil on 20"x24" canvas.  It was painted from life Monday morning.

Yes, I was late.  And all that was left was a "less desirable" profile view of the model, plus the mirrored image of another painter.  We were painting indoors because the weather was cold that morning.

I've been working on it intermittently at home since.

It's probably not complete, but it's far enough along that I'm willing to share.


  1. Loving the blue one! Sort of having the light of winter:)

  2. another paring in the first two. The swish over the blue figure, nice.

    great bits in the third one. Nice flat area in scarf/pant, the blue line/white clothing, that funny squiggly nude in the upper left; nice triple figurative repeat. Best of all is the hysterical little claw hand.

    I hope that room has good ventilation: oils? yikes

    caio's "Egon Schiela-esque icon had me curious so I linked back. It's a mallard in water above his head. It's good

  3. Wow, to me, these really have a sense of authority. Does that make sense? There is nothing hesitant about them. I like that boldness.

  4. Thanks, Caio and Kristen.

    Kristen, it looks cave-like to me and cold.

  5. Thanks, PA.

    Good ventilation--yes. And I don't use turps or turp substitutes, so not much to worry about except flammability of the oil paint and the usual toxic pigment concerns that apply to both all media.

    Yeah, Caio keeps changing his picture. This is one of the best.

  6. Margaret, thanks. I think I'm getting bolder for sure: comes with practice. There's probably a good goddess for that.

  7. Hi Jean, I was away those days...
    I saw your last works, all, is so powerfull, really love your art

  8. Laura, hope your "away" was fun. Thanks for the kind words.

  9. Shanna, thanks. I'm plugging away at gaining painting experience.

  10. Hi Jean, I like the composition of your painting; I think the repetition and variation of the figure is interesting. And, the top two figures are lush. I'll echo the top comments; they're drawn with a wonderful sense of confidence.

  11. It may have been an "undesirable view" but I find it quite intriguing. It can't be easy to draw/paint this perspective, but you've done a beautiful job in both renderings. Just lovely!

  12. By the way, what is it about you and time?

  13. Thank you, Peggy and Ruth.

    AH, it's not about me and time.

    It's just a way of explaining when the drawings seem particularly strange or strained--or of patting myself on the back, when I draw something beautiful nonetheless.

  14. I love your use of color, especially on the top one. The lavender just glows!

  15. Thanks, Casey.

    The secret of the intensity of the pastels: the Sennelier pastel card. I'm just learning this pastel stuff, but I've learned that the sandpaper-y supports like pastel card or pastel board make the most of the pigments I use.

  16. Jean,
    Reclining in Lavender is fantastic!
    all well placed, perfect!
    line, color, weight of the figure ... everything!