Saturday, January 29, 2011

Man In Pink And Green

Drawn Thursday morning, from life.

Pastel and charcoal on approximately 10"x16" pastel paper.

Another drawing with my non-dominant hand.  This time, I remembered to angle the easel appropriately. 

After this drawing, another artist and I played a game.  We each started drawing, switched drawings and easels after 10 minutes, and continued switching until one of us declared a drawing done.  Interesting exercise in working with another person's starting vision and materials   The final drawings, which I will not post, are amalgams of style and vision.

To clarify, this posted drawing is not one of the two-artist drawings.  Those ended up looking like a tug of war was fought over them, with line over line, concept over concept, color over color.  Kind of a mess.

This drawing had one artist, me.  


  1. I'm embarrassed, but the truth is that my first impression was Jesus. You gotta admit, your guy has a half-solemn, half-ferocious expression . . .

  2. I tried working with my best friend on a large drawing back in college. I'd make an image, she'd make an image. Then she''d add atop of my image, visa versa. By the end of it, I was ready to kill her.

  3. Nice painting! I like the idea of you switching the easel's and then seeing the final drawing, Pretty Neat.

  4. Thanks, Helen and Cynthia.

    Banjo, it's funny: that's the way the model was described to me by one of the other artists, as someone who "looks like Jesus." The model looked to me like he was falling asleep standing up because his eyes kept closing, which I thought I kind of captured.

    PA, exactly right. Probably not something I'll be trying again soon. The finished drawings looked like a weird amalgam of style and vision, satisfying to neither of us.

    But the tug of war aspect of it was kind of fun, or at least funny, while we were doing it.

    And the way he started his drawing prompted me to visit a style of drawing that I haven't been doing. I probably had a similar effect on him with my use of color (he's been drawing in charcoal).

  5. Drama in the hot cold look of him. The tender left and hard right.

  6. wowwww we need mens too yes!! hihihi

    he is so wxpressive, very well done, the shadow on the left side is simply wonderfull

  7. AH, I like your description better than I like the drawing. Lovely.

    Thanks, Laura. I'm of that opinion, too.