Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Purple/Red; The Lichtenstein Retrospective


Drawn from life, two weeks ago, in Chicago.

Tombow marker and pastel on watercolor paper, 8"x8".

The Lichtenstein Retrospective:

While I was in Chicago, I attended the members preview of the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at the Art Institute.

I was familiar, of course, with his pop art cartoon images painted large.  Like Andy Warhol's soup cans, Marilyns and Maos, these are works that have enlarged the vocabularies of fine art and commercial art and are part of popular culture.

Like Warhol, Lichtenstein had fine art training.  Over his long career, he painted and sculpted in many different styles and was able to return to certain themes repeatedly, each time with greater maturity and skill.

This is a fascinating exhibit.  I recommend you visit it, if you get the chance.
For Lichtenstein bio, see wikipedia.

For fun, click on some samples of Lichtenstein's unique takes on famous artworks,   here and here and here  and here

Nature watch:  Check out the photos at my other blog.


  1. I love her flame red hair amid the smoky surroundings.

    I need to start a morning ritual of visiting your blog. Like we all said on Margaret's blog, "You raise the artistic bar." I'll come back later when I have more time.

  2. Hi Jean, it's been awhile since I stopped by your blog. I like this painting and pop of red in her flowing hair is pretty.

  3. Thanks, Susan. And hi to Tommy, too. (About your post, I think it's perfectly reasonable, and no slur on Tommy, to warn would-be petters away. Safer for him and for your peace of mind.)

    Hi, Cynthia. Thanks and thanks for visiting, too.

  4. There's a confidence to this piece that I find reassuring. Kudos to Lichtenstein and, especially, to you.

  5. Thanks, Paula. I'm stuck at home today, recuperating, and it was terrific to find a new post from you. Yay!

  6. I agree with Susan the smokey color evokes a wonderful mood. As to the Lich... Links. They are wonderful, very different from the works of L that I'm used to.

  7. I like his work a lot…. I like your Purple/Red too.

  8. I like this a lot--each component and the whole. And those darker, muted colors again, even the red. Everything seems just right.

    Thanks for the prompt on Licht.--not someone I'd ordinarily come across.

  9. it's probably a pillow but I like how the foreground looks like a male torso

  10. I like the Rouen Cathedral Set. Not a big fan of Roys - a little bit goes al long ways, but this piece surprised me. Less about cartoon and more about printing

  11. Another good nude for you. I love the moods of the nudes you've been drawing. Somber. Dramatic. Nice.

    Ellis just asked me if I was interested in seeing the Lichtenstein Retrospective. I think I am now that you told me he had classical training and wasn't a cartoonist--not that I don't appreciate cartoonists. I do, just not in the over-sized format.

  12. Waterfall, boulders, skinny dipping.

  13. Thanks, Margaret. The exhibit was interesting enough, that I returned two more times.

    Thanks, Anthony. Me, too. He had a genius for composition.

    Thanks, Banjo. I was heavily into the dark purple. I think it was because I was working with natural light and the light was darker that morning.

    PA, me too (about the torso). I'm not a big fan of Monet, but I love the cathedrals and I like this riff on them too.

    Linda, go, enjoy. If you're bored with L, there's plenty of other stuff to see at the Institute.

    Thanks, Laura. Working on something big?

    AH, yep.

    Thanks, Blanco and hi, back.