Thursday, June 21, 2012

Austin Summer Blues (Re-photographed Yet Again)

Oil on canvas, 30" x 40".

Still not able to capture the lightest yellows in a photograph.  For example, the sky in my painting is actually predominantly pale yellow.

June 22:

Oh, no!  I just saw this on a different monitor and the colors were wildly off and highly intensified, compared to what I see on my old laptop.

So I have photographed it yet again, outdoors in the afternoon, out of the glare.  I think this is closer to the way the painting looks, at least on my laptop.

For now, no matter what colors you are seeing, I hope you enjoy this painting of summer.


Austin goes to the dogs.


  1. I "feel" the heat and that makes it a successful painting.

    Was your light source warm when you took the photo? You said the sky was more yellow than shown. Indirect light may work better.

  2. hardest color to get right - light yellow. I like working with naples yellow

  3. I love the colours of this - it makes me long to live somewhere with actual summer weather (and not varying degrees of rainy, rainier and torrential!) I could just imagine being there and feeling the warm sun as it sets behind those hills - beautiful!

  4. Thank you, Julie. Heat and water are what it's about, so I'm glad that comes across.

    I used natural light and photographed indoors, away from glare. I will try again at some point. Maybe outdoors, in shade?

  5. PA, you just can't leave those heavy metals alone. Me too.

  6. Thanks, Pointy Pix.

    Maybe we should consider house-swapping.

  7. Oh yes, van gogh blue. Bright and alive.

  8. Ruth, this afternoon I went to Barton Springs Pool, the iconic spring-fed swimming hole of Austin. Truly van gogh blue, today, and full of laughing people.

  9. I know that a lot is lost in translation on Blogger, it compresses some aspects of photos so you can't really convey the complexity of the colors.

  10. Thanks, Paula.

    Maybe some of the loss of information is attributable to blogger, but there are also major differences in color depending on the settings of one's screen.

    So I'm just going to roll with it. Besides, a strong composition is a strong composition, no matter the colors.

  11. I agree and I like this painting a lot, whichever version you put up.