Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Portrait in Red

Drawn this afternoon, from life.

Pastel and ink over Tombow marker, on brown paper, about 14" x 14".


  1. Jean your works are excellent!
    You can spend a lot of emotion and drama, as if we could know what goes on in the life of each portrayed!
    Loved admire and feel that 'reading souls!'
    a hug

  2. I was late, framing a few of my favorite pieces. But the one you gave me is now up on my wall, and it is so beautiful. And now I have two Jean's in the house. How lucky I am.

  3. The expression is fantastic and the red serves it greatly! Well done dear Jean!
    Warm regards.

  4. Thanks, Jane.

    I am glad you saw the drama in this.

  5. Thanks, Anthony.

    This is Taheerah, a favorite model, and she has a very expressive face.

  6. Thanks, AH.

    I am glad to hear she's being treated so well.

  7. Thanks, Konstantina.

    The red came from the color of the seat the model was on.

  8. Those dark lines in just the right places communicates so much! The red itself is very bold, yet does not seem busy - maybe because of the limited palette. Is your brown paper sourced from a grocery bag? If so, I applaud your resourcefulness!

  9. I love how so much expression comes through even though there isn't much detail. It's wonderful.

  10. Thanks, minn.

    It is a grocery bag, cut open. I only had small pieces of paper and I wanted to go bigger, so . . . .

  11. Thanks, Susan.

    I enjoy the opportunity to draw Taheerah and I think it shows.