Monday, November 5, 2012

Sleeping Man On Plane (iPad Sketch)

I have been taking some quick trips, most recently to Dallas/Fort Worth--I saw the Lucien Freud retrospective at the Modern in Fort Worth--and to L.A.. 

This was drawn on the plane back from L.A.

Sketch Club app on iPad.


  1. Very creative. Was he sitting next to you? I like Freud's portraits. They show lots of character and emotion in the faces. Some of his nudes though are just grotesque.

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  3. Thanks, Pierre.

    The flight wasn't full, so we had a seat between us. Also helps that he was sleeping and that he is related to me, so he is used to being drawn.

    I am not a Freud fan, and I thought seeing a large amount of his work in person would help me appreciate him. And it did. Especially interesting to me was that he kept on painting throughout his life. The last painting in the exhibit was a large, unfinished piece. And he kept getting better, in my opinion.

    The nudes are extraordinarily grotesque in person. Painful to look at. Interesting.

  4. How do you choose your words? (Sorry about the earlier comment, that was meant for Pierre)

  5. In this case, since I have developed into such a scaredy cat airplane passenger, any words and image that I can get down that engrosses me during a flight is a gift. But I have to admit, man on plane isn't inspired wording.

    Which brings us to the deleted comment. I am with Picasso on this. Working is essential, feel it or not. Dreck or not.

  6. This is amazing. This is a form of poetry you know. I had to do one of these using a poem I had written in a creative writing class I took years ago. It was challenging and totally absorbing. I do see your words man on plane. Very clever. Glad you had a good flight. --It's not dreck.

  7. Every time these do it yourself computer programs come out and they have to do with fonts and/or words they kill my business. haha Before computers I was selling calligraphy, now before these programs I was making calligrams. ho hum. Time to come up with a new skill.

  8. I'd probably get too caught up in the words for the picture to make sense.

    Now I have to google Lucien Freud, a new name to me.

  9. Ciao Jean,
    è un po' che non ci i tuoi lavori sono per me sempre una ventata di vitalità e creatività...
    Mi piacciono proprio tutti ...hanno forza, espressività ed emozionano...
    Apprezzo poi il tuo gusto per la sperimentazione...
    Ora mi sono organizzata per non perdermene uno solo!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  10. I love it, too. I want to say more, but ironically I'm at a loss for words. Love love love.

  11. Thanks, Linda.

    I have had a couple more flights since then. Always glad when we land.

    The last flight out of Austin, it was foggy and we sat waiting for good enough conditions to take off, for over an hour. Actually pretty comfortable because the weather is cool.

  12. Oh, Joni.

    I am sorry this is happening to you.

    The program can actually do much more interesting things, both with fonts and, if you choose, you could make your own lettering and use it as well. Not the same as your hand drawn work, but I can see where there's some overlap.

  13. Banjo, Freud is important as a British artist, contemporary, portraits and figures.

    Not my favorite, but some of his figures are overwhelming.

  14. Thanks, Floriana.

    I am always trying new things and circling back to find more in old things.

  15. Thanks, Cafe and Susan.

    He is one of my favorite subjects and I have many profiles, over time.

  16. This is amazing! Love the use of words as line.

  17. Hi Jean, just fascinating work! Love it!