Friday, May 29, 2015

Moon Bath, part of Summer Suite, June 5-15

This is a group show at Palette and Chisel in Chicago, featuring my art, along with artworks by Mary Klug, Mary Palmer, Ralph Paquet, Joan Stachnik and Bodo Stolczenberger.  We will show through June 15.

Laboratory Dancers will perform opening night, 6 pm - 10 pm.

Moon Bath, copyright Jean Spitzer


  1. Wonderful glow..
    Would like to see. Wish I was closer..

  2. Thanks, Anthony. Wish you were too.

    By the way, though a fairly small piece, it looks best from about twenty feet away.

  3. Very striking...I love how you primarily made use of significant value changes rather than strong lines to create such striking

  4. Striking is right. My immediate reaction was ice sculpture, but yes, now I see the moon bath.

  5. Thanks, Minn, Jane and Karin.

    And now I see the ice sculpture.

  6. Thats so great! Love seeing friends show. The work looks good and the title is fitting. Do you have other pieces in the show?

  7. About 12 on the walls ( half of a small gallery). Plus a bunch in a bin.


    I was so busy figuring out and then making mountings for the works on paper, that I neglected to photograph them.

    I'll be photographing and posting the pieces as hung, assuming the photos turn out okay.