Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woman Standing in Red

Drawn today, from life.

Pastel and Conte pencil on black pastel paper, about 9"x9".


  1. Great color - I must ask which came first - the color choice or the composition?

  2. Thanks, Katherine. The composition came first. When I started putting color down, I was influenced by a red robe the model wore when not posing; I thought it was great against her skin.

  3. You are working hard, I see.
    Doe zo voort!

  4. Ah! It must be fall. No more blue.

  5. Hi, Annie. Greetings!

    Margaret, full moon last posting; autumnal equinox and now it's fall.

  6. She appears to be defying gravity. Nice line work on the back side of the figure.

    I'd like to see this put in a gilded frame and placed in Jayne Mansfield's bedroom

  7. She doesn't seem involved in a red activity, yet red seems a good color for her. I appreciate your explanation of how you arrived at the color.

  8. good dramatic work,
    I liked the power!

  9. I'm listening to Fauré as write this but I prolly should be listening to Pictures at an Exhibition Instead.

    I like this woman in red with her round hips and belly and her flesh tone against the warm red.

  10. I like...!
    Especially the shapes that exist within the form.

    wv: existout...Is wv arguing with me?

  11. PA, "Jayne Mansfield's bedroom in a gilded frame." Sounds like a game of Clue. Probably what this ought to be called.

    Thanks, Banjo. You know I love the questions.

    Thank you, Denise.

    Paula, me too.

    Shanna, thank you. wv is spooky, frequently, isn't it?

    AH, me too.