Monday, September 9, 2013


Drawn this morning, from life.

Tombow marker with brush and water on 9" x 12" watercolor paper.


  1. I like these last two very much and the way you've left the paper to show lighting. Great job. I still wish I had your freedom of expression.

  2. Thanks, Katherine and Pierre.

    This took a couple of minutes to do, but it was only after I spent almost an hour on another portrait of the same model. So freedom is relative.

    I am thinking about getting rid of the strong diagonal that looks like a "no profile" symbol, but part of me like the oddity of it.

  3. I like the strong diagonal, although I think it would be just as fine with out.

  4. I was trying to avoid killing it by overworking it. The first profile I did, the one hour one, was definitely overworked.

    As it is, I think I went a little too far; could have stopped a line or so earlier.

  5. All the time we say the only real writing is rewriting. I guess it's a little true of visual art too?

  6. Banjo, it seems like sometimes I need to get comfortable with the subject, before I can be free with it, which is a form of editing, I guess.