Friday, July 10, 2015

Standing Figure

Drawn from life, today.

Brown pencil and watercolor on rice paper, about 15" x 18".


  1. Your tree is great, but I do love your figures best--full of energy and in motion.

  2. Love a torso done like this one. Nice to see a rounded one too!

  3. A power expressed. Great sketch.

  4. Thanks, Linda, Julie and Anthony.

    I brought some wrapped up paper to draw with because I wanted to have something bigger than my sketchbook.

    When I opened the tube, it turned out to be assorted rice paper sheets. Really lovely.

  5. lovely and simple. You really have the anatomy down on this one

  6. Thanks, Liz.

    I'm happy with my restraint on this. Just got a little info down and stopped. It's super easy to keep going and lose what you loved at first. Of course, then it's fun to go beyond that, to a new thing.