Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Life 2009

I've been attending Anne Saitzyk's terrific weekly still life workshop at Art Center At Night, with the goal of getting back to painting after a period of painter's block. The theory was that I would be doing something I don't usually do--still life-- thus no expectations for result. Also I would be in an extremely supportive atmosphere because that is how Anne is. Also, because the workshop meets weekly over several weeks, I would be doing at least one painting a week.

"The difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than in theory," so it took several sessions before I even started to paint in what I consider an "unblocked" way. This painting is from a session a couple of weeks ago, and it was the first time that the painting didn't feel completely forced.

I was fascinated with how the cup handle interacted with the bottle behind it, so I started painting that and it ended up at the center of my composition. The scissors were actually fully open and visible to the left of the cup. I relocated them to continue the curve; it also gives this weird effect of cutting the bottom of the canvas board. I can explain this after the fact. But when I'm actually painting, I don't think, I just do.

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