Monday, August 20, 2012

At the Austin Airport (iPad Sketch)

Sketched from life, waiting for a plane.


  1. You are just going wild with color and doing great things with shape. I love this!

  2. Thanks, Linda.

    Here, shape was really fun to play with.

    Also good distraction from fear of flying, which I've done way too much of in the past two months.

    So glad to be back.

  3. Thanks, Pamo. He had such a relaxed posture, I found watching him calming.

  4. This one reminds me so much of Charlotte Salmon. Are you familiar with her book and work? I had it checked out, and returned it the night before the LA library burned down. She was a big influence on me in my youth

  5. Wow, PA.

    She has quite a story and legacy. I was not familiar with Salomon's work. Thank you for leading me to it.

    Did the copy survive?

    It is so weird when you check books out from that library that still smell of smoke.