Sunday, August 26, 2012

Woman in Half Light

Drawn Thursday  morning, from life, at AVAA in Austin..

Pastel over ink on sanded paper, about 9" x 12".

As much fun as the iPad is, I am delighted to be drawing on paper again:  I like the bigger size, the bigger arm and body movements involved in producing the art, as well as the tactile experience.

Suburbia Update:

Two fawns graze in our backyard. 


  1. Very soulful!! I like it very much!!
    Warm regards.

  2. I'm going to use one of your works in a future post. Thank you.
    María Luisa

  3. A portrait full of character, very expressive! Jean, did you painted the soul of this person

  4. Great expression. Love the title.

  5. I like her drama, and I think she could convince anyone that she deserves the drama. But there's at least an even chance she'd be the strong, silent type--the bright colors are what's bubbling inside her, but it might never be spoken.

  6. Soulful is a good word. Also curious, thoughtful

  7. Like all the above comments, I'm seeing lots and lots of character in her face.

    Haughty, but weary.

  8. Thanks, Maria Luisa.

    I saw your post.

  9. Thanks, Rita. I am glad you found meaning in it.

  10. Thanks, Anthony.

    The truth about the light is that is was virtually non-existent for most of the drawing.

    Then someone screwed in some lightbulbs he bought-- and the lighting changed.

    I went with the original situation , somewhat enhanced for effect.

  11. PA, it is.

    I got a copy of Salomon's bio from the library, and a copy of her work, Life or Theatre, from Amazon.


  12. Thanks, Minn.

    You might laugh if you saw the studio; so little light, coming from such unflattering places, everyone looks years older when posing.