Sunday, September 1, 2013

Standing Strong

Drawn from life, Thursday afternoon.

Pastel and ink over Tombow marker, on watercolor paper.  About 4" x 12".


  1. Great gesture. The colors support the title well.

  2. Indeed, I saw the strength before I read the title.

  3. You had a starring role in my dream last night. I was in a room sitting in a circle with a lot of friends, discussing our new jobs, when a woman walked in and I thought, "That's Jean!" You sat down and we reached across a lot of people in order to shake hands, but only our fingertips touched. You were on your way to Oregon because your husband had left for Bergen, Norway, on a dangerous mission.

    We talked, or rather you did, saying brilliant things, none of which I remember. And I realized I had been staring at my computer screen the whole time, and thought, "God, I hope Jean doesn't think all I've been doing is checking my email."

  4. I like this. Great color statement.

  5. Thanks, all.

    Wow, Hiker. I am honored. Even your dreams make good stories.