Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Woman in Black and Buff

Drawn today, from life.

Tombow marker in Moleskine sketchbook.


  1. Looks like a tough sketch to do, in the fold of the sketch pad, or so it looks.. Like the vantage point and handling of such a pose a lot.

  2. Thanks, Anthony.

    Nobody else wanted the severe foreshortening, but I like it. I was seeing diamond shapes.

    What I didn't like was having a less than ideal match between marker and sketchbook paper. The sketchbook I have been carrying with me has flimsy sheets of paper. I like watercolor paper for the Tombow markers. But it still worked out, after some experimentation.

  3. Tough perspective handled very well. Brilliantly and very original.

  4. Gosh...I adore that knee. It is perfect! I would not have wanted that position
    so I really admire your talent at pulling it off so well.either. You know your anatomy.

  5. Thanks, Julie.

    I am thinking of the drawings I've been doing lately as material for later paintings. And, of course, even if they are never incorporated into my paintings, they are pleasurable themselves.

  6. I like how the fold adds to the drawing. Like another element or line

  7. This is truly brilliant. All of your work is so original and free. I always love seeing what you do.
    The straight lines in the background really work to support your overall composition.
    (And thank you for your kind words of support over at my site- meant a lot.)
    I will always check in on your gorgeous drawings and paintings!!!

  8. Thanks, Pam. I think context for the figure, even very loosely done, adds to the drawing.

    I meant what I wrote. I like getting feedback on my work, but I don't want it enough to mess up someone else's creativity.