Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Woman Wrapped in Blue; Seated Woman

Drawn today, from life.

Woman Wrapped in Blue, pastel and Conte pencil on 12" x 16" black pastel paper.

Seated Woman, charcoal and Conte stick on 14" x 17" drawing paper.


  1. I wish I knew more about how to understand and talk about the visual arts. So I'll just say I really like these a LOT. As luck would have it, today's, esp. Woman in Blue, are my favorites.

    It honestly has nothing to do with your visit to my place, but thank you for that. I've seen you at AH and thought I'd visited before, but I guess not.

    I'll be back. This is great.

  2. I am just loving your blue phase. But the charcoal one is not too shabby.

  3. Thanks, BANJO52 and Margaret. Yep, I love blue, too.

  4. Is this the same woman in the green pose? Formally, I like how you exaggerated her neck in the charcoal study. Emotionally, I head towards the blue

  5. PA, she's not the same model. But many of the poses are similar because the studio is the same, with the same props/lighting/backdrop. And the same artist--me--who's usually late to arrive, so ends up peering from the back.

    AH, thanks. At least something should be cool this month.

  6. Excellent lighthing, and great work!!!
    Virginia Palomeque