Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In 5 Minutes . . . More Or Less: A Preview Of My Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook

I've cut and glued and photographed and processed my little drawings for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project.

The book, with the original drawings, is ready to be mailed off to the library, where it will become part of a traveling exhibit of people's art.

While the sketchbook project is closed for this year, the Library has other projects going. Each project seems to involve filling a small notebook with something like story or photos or . . . and mailing it in to the Library, where it is exhibited with others of its ilk: A fun thing to do for yourself or with a group, maybe with children.

Meanwhile, enjoy the movie of the sketchbook, at


This is my first stab at "movie." I tried to photograph the sketches so they looked like part of a notebook--which they now are. The best part of this sketchbook is all the different papers I used; it's tactilely pleasing.

Keeping a sketchbook is good for drawing skills. It's also pleasant to have a little book that records drawings from a particular time and place, in this case, Austin in November 2010.

I am looking forward to seeing all the notebooks, when they come to Austin.


  1. How wonderful Jean - this is going to be a good traveling exhibit! Wish it were coming to LA....

  2. They are beautiful! I wonder if that exhibit will come to Syracuse...

  3. Thanks, Katherine.

    So far, the closest it gets is San Francisco, but more tour stops may open up. Know of a gallery with an unbooked day?

  4. Patti, thanks.

    Brooklyn and Portland, Maine are all that are listed for the Northeast thus far.

    From the website, it sounds like the organizers are looking for more venues.

  5. What a great idea, and I'm so glad you're a part of it. Congratulations! And I'm with the others -- would love this to travel out our way.

  6. AH, for $X--not a whole lot--you too can participate.

    Not in the sketchbook project, but there's a story project open and maybe a photography one.

    Check out the link.

    These works en masse have the potential to be delightful and interesting and fun, fun, fun. . . .

    And, if you know someone with gallery space available for one day, maybe it could come to your town. It sounds like they are looking for more venues.

  7. Is it my untrained eye or do the pics look different on Ytube?

    I like today's red ?blanket? here--combo of green and repose with red to stir it up.

  8. Jean,
    good to attend the exhibition!
    I saw the video and noticed
    that you have great production!

  9. I've enlarged the image and have a question...is the white planes surrounding the pastel figure drawn also? and if so have you purposely glued the image onto the drawn page?

    Congratulations at being part of a permanent collection. The work looks great and I recognize more then a few. Are you going to fly over to the opening?

  10. How fabulous! I love the way you lie the shadows and the pick of colors. 5 Min is pretty genius if you ask me!!!

  11. Banjo, if they look different, then they look different, trained eye or not.

    The cool thing about training one's eye is that one can appreciate more, including stuff that at first is ugly or inaccessible.

    Just like you love the simple, rhyming poems and the more arcane ones, too, though not necessarily in the same way or equally.

  12. Thanks, Denise. It's my first stab at you tube.

  13. PA, you're looking at the little notebook, open, with the drawing glued to one page.

    Thanks. Probably won't be in Brooklyn then; alas.

  14. Kristen, thanks. These are small; the notebook pages are about 5"x8"--so it's easy to do a lot in very little time.

  15. PA, I just realized what's disorienting about my photograph: I turned this on it's side; the white on the left of the photo is actually a piece of paper that the open notebook is resting on.

  16. that was an interesting play on perception. I enlarged then turned it and of course it all came together