Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Light

Drawn from life, Tuesday morning.

Pastel and charcoal over Tombow marker, on watercolor paper, about 5" x 10".


  1. WOW! That is a true story telling drawing. I love it!!
    Warm regards.

  2. Great composition! And color, of course. I love the way you mix it up.

  3. This says so much in a quiet, contemplative way. He has a history, a story to tell. The composition is stark, yet reflective. Beautiful.

    The fawn on your other blog is DARLING!!!

  4. Looking at your painting..
    Yes, a man sitting in a beautiful light and waiting with a very serious expression on his face..
    A piece to think deeper!!!!!

  5. Thanks, Konstantina.

    This is a drawing which might actually be stronger without the figure.

    I am thinking it over.

  6. Thanks, Linda.

    The color is my favorite part.

    I am thinking about changing the composition.

  7. Thanks, Pamo.

    The figure may be on its way out.

    I am thinking about it.

  8. Thanks, Bitch.

    I am glad you see depth in this.

  9. lovely and unexpected. an abstract piece that threatens to leave abstraction behind with just a hint of dimensionality in the lower half

  10. Thanks, PA. It is what summer feels like, in Austin.

    Have to head to your favorite swimming hole, to make it live able.

  11. If Monet had a nightmare, this is what it would look like. Does that sound as if I know what I'm talking about? How about, I really, really like this.

  12. Thanks, Banjo.

    Monet's nightmare? Great title, but this feels calmer to me, though not happy.