Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gestures 1, 2, 3 (IPad sketches)

One minute gestures, drawn last Wednesday, from life.

Suburbia Update:

Mother and child.



  1. Jean, Jean, Jean. Your line work is superb.

  2. You really did those each in one minute? That is amazing.

  3. Thanks, Margaret.

    The poses were for one minute each. Then I went back and singled out one pose out of a few, for each page. There was a lot of erasure and filling in that took more than one minute.

  4. Even so, you've captured a LOT of female-ness in one, or whatever, minute and such minimal lines.

    Maybe I'm just now realizing how much more often you use female models than males--at least 10 - 1. Are there just more female models, or do you think you understand the female psyche better, not to mention the female body?

    A staunch feminist, or a stand-up comic, might say there's just that much more TO the female psyche. Hmmmm. Hey, I'm not complaining.

  5. Banjo, the overwhelming proportion of female to male is a by-product of my drawing from life.

    At the group studios I attend, most of the artists are male, and the majority prefer female models.

    Also I think some female artists prefer not to have a nude male model.

    The reality, for whatever reasons, is that sessions where male models are booked are much less well attended. So, many fewer sessions with male models are booked.

    It was something I noticed with surprise when I moved here a couple of years ago.

  6. Love the colors and the movement.

    Banjo, you're reminding me of Louis CK's bit, "boys vs girls." Some find him offensive; I think he's hilarious.

  7. How do u like your new art brush - the Ipad?

  8. Susan, I watch Louis CK's show, but I don't know that bit. I was reminded of Elaine on Seinfeld: "We're pretty. We have curves. You guys are a bunch of jeeps." Or something like that.

  9. Thanks, Susan. Now I am curious about Louis CK. Sounds promising.

  10. Cafe, mostly I like it. As I try to do more, I am bumping into frustrations. But it is superb for fast, portable, stealth.

  11. Hi Jean. I love walking in your blog ,in silence.
    Your style moves me nudes.In young student days I was moved by de Venus of Willendorf.At present I'm stuck in Freud's nudes and yours.
    Thank you for sharing