Thursday, December 5, 2013

Profile in Light

Painted from life, November 18.

Oil on canvas, 12" x 12".


  1. j'aime beaucoup ta peinture, ce profil est remarquable!

  2. Thanks, all.

    I am not painting in oils very much, but I am enjoying it when I do.

    The lusciousness of oil paint is wonderful.

    Next year, more? I hope.

  3. A very strong face, lots of character and great texture !

  4. great how the light on the forehead and nose blend into the background

  5. The main light in the studio comes from windows placed high on the tall walls.

    The light streams down at an angle. Very effective lighting.

  6. "The lusciousness of oil"--what a great way to describe it. And again your choice of colors seems, to my untrained eye, as surprising as it is effective. The rightness of the orange and blue here is amazing.

  7. Thanks, Banjo.

    If you get the inclination to do some painting, I recommend oil painting with a limited palette (that is, two or three colors, plus white), as a good starting place.

    It would teach you to get the most out of the colors, narrow your choices, so less confusing, and keep your paintings looking unified.

    I suggest oil, just because I like the experience. The same limited palette advice would apply to any medium.

  8. Beautiful. I love seeing the oil textures and blending of your colors close-up.Thanks for the tip to Banjo - I take it for myself:-)

  9. Thanks, minn.

    Use it in good health, as my mother would say.