Thursday, September 16, 2010

Woman in Gold

Drawn yesterday, from life.

Pastel on 12"x16" black pastel paper.


  1. Really nice. The gold sings — but softly, like a lament arriving from across a lake.

  2. I was going to say how I like both the colors and the woman's expression but William's comment makes me seem like a piker (and that's an expression I don't think anybody's used since 1944).

  3. Finally something to take my mind off the Women in Red!

  4. delicate, softly, sensual, the essenz of a woman...

  5. what's a piker? besides a fish (I think)

    and returning to the subject of color in the last post, the salmon isn't a comfortable color but I don't think colors always should be. I'm all for acid yellow when it works....and it often does for an ex instructor of mine that I would come to discover is color blind

  6. The angularity of his neck, he looks like an adolescent that's still under construction.

  7. Yes, AH, strength and more drama, leaning in, closer, something like determination in the face.

  8. That's why, apparently, I said it twice.

  9. Thanks, WM. Beautiful.

    K, thanks. And "piker" is so old, it's cool, to use another vintage word.

    CP, glad to be of assistance.

    NC, thanks.

    PA, miser or slacker,take your pick. Especially with these pastels, I often pick colors cause they're there and unused and more or less the value I want. It would be interesting to do it without seeing the color.

    Paula, it does look like an adolescent under construction.

    AH, can't have too much strength.

    Banjo, hold this position for almost an hour--which is what I think this model did--and you better be strong and determined.

  10. See, it's like filtering your garden water. All the stuff I never thought about.

    I'm behind here, sorry. But now I'm alert to the fact.