Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Woman in the Rain (Yellow); Woman in the Rain (Blue); Woman in Pink; Woman in Silver and Gold

Drawn today, from life.

These are pastel, on 12"x16" black pastel paper.

Woman in Pink and Woman in Silver and Gold have been cropped.


  1. Love the neck on the lady in yellow.

  2. Thanks, Margaret. These were shortish poses--15 to 30 minutes each, with a very fine model.

  3. Your pastels.....stop me in my tracks.


  4. So much action; brings me back. Love the longing in the green.

  5. well, it looks like you got more done then me today. It's interesting to see these four displayed together, each with a different color system happening.
    Some good lie work in the green. Allows the background and forground to remain separate

  6. I like these. Is one of the categories "life studies"? Whether yes or no, "studies" is the key word for me here, and I mean it in a good way. You seem to be turning a mossy, maybe damp stone around and around, trying to see it all.

  7. Wonderful how the parts seem to suggest more.

  8. The lady in blue has such a wonderful face - both sad and thinking deeply.

    About waiting for the light in order to photograph your work: for me it's all about the light when I'm photographing something and it's very frustrating when I have to settle for a "snapshot" when I want a photograph.

  9. Thanks, all.

    AH, the model held this graceful pose for 30 minutes, if I'm remembering correctly. Amazing.

    PA, I like lie and line, both.

    BANJO52, "turning a mossy damp stone around" is apt.

    Katherine, I'm sure it's viewer as much as view.

    Paula, light crucial here too--pretty much all about the light. I know what you mean about snapshot vs photograph. You publish knockout photographs.