Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seated Woman On Papyrus; Face On Papyrus; Standing Woman In Yellow; Reclining Woman In Yellow

 Drawn yesterday morning, from life.

The first two are oil pastel on papyrus.

The last two are oil pastel on handmade paper.

These are more drawings for the sketchbook project.

About these pieces:

I'm putting together some very quick, small sketches for a fun sketchbook show that the Brooklyn Art Library is hosting.  If you have some interest in contributing to this, check out their website.  The link is in yesterday's comments.

The model was terrific, and I loved these materials, especially the papyrus.  The vertical strands of papyrus forced/shaped the images in surprising and pleasing ways.

One note:  I did not prime these surfaces, so their expected lifespan is probably shorter.


  1. you have always such a good work, always perfect, you know my passion for you!

  2. I vote for #1. The vertical papyrus really seems to add something there.

  3. looks like a fun material to work with. And I bet they'll have plenty of years considering the new testament is written on papyrus (you may want to look that one up to be certain)

    the last one. The palette is to my liking

  4. Laura, thank you!

    Banjo, I really like this piece too, especially in person, because of the tactile aspect.

    PA, very fun. Must get more. About the longevity, I thought the oil might damage the papyrus at some point--that it might need protection from direct contact with it. But since that would defeat the sensual aspect of the material . . . no gesso.

    PA, thanks. The pose was breathtakingly sensual and the soft crinkly paper plays that up, in person.

  5. The oil damage possibility also applies to the oil on paper works as well, but same trade-off--keeping the tactile experience.

  6. So organic! Like you Jean. Beautiful.

  7. AH, very Dorothy Parker! (That's good, by the way) And maybe a little Anita Loos, too. Sadly, while I can appreciate the heck out of your comment, I can't respond in kind: I'm a reader, not a writer.

    Pamo, thank you. These are enormous fun to do quickly (kind of like you're going to be writing for the November challenge).

  8. Jean
    Thank you for the link to the Brooklyn Art Museum-having just lost my space for painting to a condo move, working towards the sketch book is perfect before I find my feet again!

  9. Najma, you are welcome! I'm so glad.

    I know how hard and how de-railing moving can be. I've done it far too many times, myself.

    I'm so glad I've made it a little better for you. (And the project really is fun--lots of potential to make it anything you want, so long as it folds more or less flat to the small size and can be handled.)

  10. very good, they work!
    the face is incredible, the papyrus has a texture very special and different, great!

    and the latter, is comfortably expressive! I loved it!

  11. Thank you, Denise. The papyrus is very stiff and fibrous; interesting to draw on.