Monday, November 15, 2010

Woman In A Fur Coat

This morning's painting, en plein air.

Oil pastel and oil paint on linen canvas, 11"x14".

About this painting:
The model, a jewelery artist, was huddled in her coat, reading a book and trying to stay warm with a hot drink on this chilly, overcast morning.  She really does have amazing red hair.

We were painting on a sheltered outdoor patio, and we needed the shelter.  It was raining a bit and it was in the 50s (Fahrenheit).


  1. great painting!
    I love the way you did the coat ...
    or rather, how you all resolved!!
    treatment is excellent,
    gave the whole mood of the scene!

  2. Nice again.
    What size are the pastel sticks you use? Do you use a solvent when they're on the canvas?
    Just curious.

    Looked on Meet Up and found two drawing groups. All out of town 30 miles away. Phoenix is pretty artless

  3. Ah! Even ore different. Love how you've given texture to her jacket.

  4. The line work on the jacket is impressive. Freeform. Makes me think of rabbits fur. Creates a really nice contrast next to the woman's long red hair. Also the way you've divided up the background between light and dark

    good one Jean

    Size makes me guess this one isn't going into the B sketch book

  5. Yes - love how you did the fur - and she does look cold!

  6. Is it really that cold in Austin now? We're flying in Friday night!!!

  7. Jeans, you are so great! Love the colours and the power you gibt, in this one too... and the expression of the mouth.. simply all perfet for me

  8. Denise, thanks.

    I don't know if it's all resolved. I need to live with it awhile, then look again.

  9. Pierre, I bought an assortment of what was available at my local art store, Jerry's Artarama. Most of these are the large Sennelier oil pastels. I tear off the paper and wear nitrile gloves (from the hardware store) to protect my hands.

    I don't use any solvent, as a matter of self-protection. I am just figuring out that I can smear and manipulate these pastels with my fingers and hand, if I want.

  10. Pierre, about the meet ups, maybe you could ask folks at the class. If there's demand, maybe you or someone else will fill it by starting a more local one.

  11. Thanks, Margaret, PA and Katherine. She was cold; so was I and I was moving around.

    Shanna, about the cold. Yes and no.

    Later in the day, it got sunny and the temps were in the 60s, maybe 70s, and I opened the window for warmth. Weather here isn't boring.

  12. Laura, thank you.

    If you're wondering about how I'm breaking up my comment into many, it's because I got tired of losing all of a long reply and so I'm trying to risk less each time.

  13. I saw this earlier, but didn't have time to comment. I LOVE her red hair. Her facial features and glasses are fantastic- you handled them well.

  14. Pamo, thank you. She was basically really cute--and really cold.

  15. I looked again and liked what I saw!

    if you're like me ...
    I have done and I think that otherwise it would be better ....
    I'm never satisfied with the results
    bull + ascending virgin, it is!

  16. Thanks, Denise. I'm satisfied, sometimes, but then I need to wait and look again and again and then decide.