Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Woman Among Marigolds At The Eastside Cafe

Painted outdoors, from life, yesterday morning.

Oil and oil pastel, 20"x24" canvas.

About this:

We were outdoors, in the middle of the most marvelous organic garden, with chickens, at the Eastside Cafe. (Check out the Eastside story portion of the Eastside website for more about the garden.)

The day was kind of cool and windy and threatening rain at first, then it warmed up and got sunny and windy. This was a three-hour long session, with breaks.

I painted the dark and threatening part of the morning.

The model, also an artist, was shivering at first, then closed her eyes and kind of sunbathed, fully clothed, once the sun came out. And we enjoyed our cold drinks--our model had root beer-- and painted some more.


  1. Reminds me of New Orleans. Expressive, free, flowing.

  2. Thanks, Pamo. New Orleans is a great place to be reminded of.

  3. I was away some days... well Bathing beauty is wundefull and this one too, but I loved the first of bathing beauty, so original!

  4. Thank you, Laura. Bathing Beauty glows, especially in person.

  5. What a great opportunity to draw outside when the weather cooperates. The result is wonderful. Expressive and powerful.

  6. A real joy, when in daylight marigolds turn into stars.

  7. Thank you, Jeanette.

    These past weeks have been my first times drawing and painting models outdoors on any kind of regular basis.

    Weather here, in Austin, Texas, is so exciting and so changeable; makes it a challenge to pick some light and stick with it.

  8. WM, yes, this definitely feels like night. It was quite dark in the morning, until the dark clouds blew away, and that's the light I painted.