Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LA Day:Red

This is a painting in progress. I started it yesterday and will want to wait a day or two and look at it again to see what I want to add/change. It is on a 16"x20" canvas and has its origin in a cell phone photo I took this winter at the old LA Farmers Market.

Although I paint in oil, I don't use any turps or turps substitute. Clean up is by wiping as much off the brushes as possible and then washing/rubbing with soap and water. The brushes are actually in better condition than when I used Gamsol.


  1. Love the red scarf! I don't know about your cell phone, but the pictures on mine have a really impressionistic look about them! I have painted from those photos and really like the outcome. I look forward to seeing future paintings.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. The best thing for me about the cell phone pictures is that they are unposed, so that gestures and emotions are real.