Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hot Cider on a Rainy Day

Last Saturday I was at the farmers market in Vancouver, Washington, courtesy of my brother, Zack. There was a light rain falling as I, and Shani, Ava and Hudson, took many photos. I'm not exactly sure which of us gets the credit for the source photo for this painting (we took hundreds on my camera), but I'm very grateful to my generous guest photographers and to my brother, for thinking the market would be a fertile source of paintings.

This oil painting, 18"x18" on canvas, is the first from that day.

This painting is a work in progress.


  1. He looks cold...and in need of sumthing Hot!

    Love your caption almost as much as the art.

  2. Thanks, CO and a-b. CO, I love the title too; it's what the morning at this seaside town felt like. I've now repainted the hand holding the cup so it's a bit more natural (the problem I ran into is that in the photo, there was no cup with a hand holding it).

  3. very atmospheric :>)

    hot cider? mmm never heard of that but it sounds rather nice

  4. Vivien, this kind of apple cider is spicy and hot, but not alcoholic. It goes very well with a cold, wet climate like coastal Oregon's, where this farmers market is.

    Your comment made me realize that what was missing from the bottom part of the painting of the man was atmosphere. I've changed it a bit to add some, but want to wait a bit before posting the latest version because it doesn't feel right to me yet.

  5. Oops, coastal Washington, actually (not too far over the border).