Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Parallel Play" and "First Date" from my Sketchbooks

These are marker drawings from life, done at Spring Studio in 2008. The drawing on the left is approximately 5"x8", the drawings on the right are about 10"x10" each.

Strangely, the models in the drawing on the left actually posed together; on the right, they were in separate sessions, separated by a few days, but adjacent in my sketchbook.


  1. These are very fine. I really like the way you used line.

  2. Thanks. I like the way I set off the female figure in "First Date." Because I don't go back and mess with these sketches after the model stops posing as a general rule (and didn't in this case), it was just a choice I made during the session.

    I actually am being more playful with titles for my work, and the impetus was your post about titling artwork.

  3. Glorious lines here. These jump right out of the page.