Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some of last night's drawings

I finally made it to a live drawing session with my 18"x24" pad. These drawings are from close to the end of the approximately three hours of short poses.

The drawing of the foot is charcoal with some pastel; the others are charcoal. I used an eraser on the first and last drawings to bring up some light.

The middle drawing shows what my drawing looks like when I'm looking at the model and drawing without doing much checking of where the lines are landing on the page.

Note what the model is sitting on in the last drawing: some cloth and pillow over a sideways stool.


  1. You might find this of interest if your looking for x-tra time in front of the model. I'm considering it. I'm rusty

    (cut and paste)

    The Avenue 50 Studio holds figure drawing workshops every Tuesday night from 7-10 pm. We provide the art benches and you provide the necessary drawing materials. Per session: $12.00. Free parking in rear of building. Light refreshments, conviviality and music.

    When: Every Tuesday night from 7-10 pm
    Cost: $12 per session
    Location: Avenue 50 Studio 131 No. Avenue 50 Highland Park, CA 90042 (323) 258-1435

  2. Thanks, PA. It's definitely my plan to spend the next couple of months doing a lot of this kind of drawing.

  3. I love to see these drawings!!

  4. Thanks, Annie. I love to see yours, too! Your blog is a large part of the reason I'm going to drawing sessions again. Very inspirational.