Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At the Cafe 2 (Second I-pad Sketch)

Drawn this morning, from life, at the cafe.  Modified this evening.

Sketch Club app for i-pad.

This app (Sketch Club) and the app I tried yesterday (Art Rage) were recommended to me by Laura Grimes.  Thanks, Laura.


Good day for a swim.

The Goddess Lounge is open:

Good day to buy a book for the beach or the vacation.


  1. Loving your iPad art. It's phenomenal. You've really taken to it like you've been doing it all your life. It is the perfect drawing pad when out. Thanks for mentioning the App you're using. Now I have to check mine out to see what I downloaded. Just playing Sudoku lately.

  2. Thanks, Linda.

    So far, I'm reserving judgment, but first impression is very positive.

  3. Thanks, Laura.

    Great that you will try. We can learn at the same time

  4. Do they know they're being watched?

  5. She didn't. She was directly across from me, but outdoors and about 20 feet away, talking to friend next to her.