Saturday, October 30, 2010

Face In Blue 2

Drawn today from life.

Oil pastel on 9"x12" card.

This was the first time I tried using the oil pastel on card.  I really like the combination of materials and expect to do more of it.


I have started offering my work for sale as reproductions through imagekind.

See for yourself, by clicking the button on the left.

Questions or requests?  Just leave them here in the comments.


  1. Great nymph. I like the muted colors. Restful.

    I have some oil pastels. I should play around with them.

  2. Thanks, Pierre.

    Definitely try out those pastels; they're fun to play with.

  3. Oh, this is exciting. Yes, I have a request. I will post later.

  4. Well , I'm excited.

    At least, it doesn't require new clothes. ("Beware all enterprises that require new clothes" Thoreau)

    I can change out offerings easily.

    And I don't have to worry about delicate pastels being damaged in transit.

  5. Neon blue line. I've always wanted to do a neon blue portrait of Jesus. Not that I'm a believer but something about the poetry of it; the desire for it

    congratulations on imagekind set up. I was talking to a fellow artist I met over at Shanna's and he told me one of the bloggers he visits (from Wyoming) does a painting/drawing a day (smallish 5" x 7") and sells them for around a 100 bucks apiece. Regularly

  6. PA, wow. If I could just support my model/art supply habits.

    Love the bus drawings and final bus over at Pasadena Daily Photo.

    Maybe you could seek a neon blue Jesus in to one of those works?

  7. Did you notice she has the same poufy eye as the other Face In Blue? My imagination transcription ability is getting stronger.