Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woman With Tattoos; Woman In Red; Woman In Green And Lilac

 Drawn from life, this morning.

The first two are pastel and charcoal on approximately 12"x20" card.

The last is pastel on about 9"x12" card.

About these drawings:

This model has a classical air about her: proportions, hairstyle, demeanor.  Couple this with extensive, fanciful tattoos.  Makes her contemporary and also not.

The tattoo featured on her chest is one I was quite taken with.  In real life, it is not located on her chest, but I wanted to show it, so it got re-located.


  1. I love that top one!

  2. Thank you, Joni and Denise. This model was terrific; able to hold still and also find her pose again after a break.

  3. The top one. yup, a knock out. Love her expression and how you've divided the space up with those strong verticals. They really work. Daring move

  4. Thanks, PA. It's really strange, having this largely very young, overwhelmingly female, generally athletically built population to draw. Very different.

  5. I'm also attracted to green and lilac woman. Beautiful profile and seaching look.

  6. Thanks, AH. I like it too.

    So is PA right? About the blue?