Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Woman Thinking In Pink And Red; Woman Standing In Primary Colors; Woman Resting In Blue And Yellow; Woman Reclining In Primary Colors

Today's sketches, from life.

Standing Woman was a five minute drawing; the rest were 30 minute drawings.

Pastel and charcoal on approximately 9"x12" Sennelier La Carte Pastel Card.

Thanks, Casey Klahn at the Colorist for recommending this support.  I like its finely sanded surface, and it's easy to make four 9x12s out of one large sheet.


  1. your works is so good, so exressive, I like a lot, you know

  2. Very cool. I like the one where she's draped over the furniture. It's like she's part of the furniture.

  3. I'm with Margaret

    I like how you left part of the paper raw. And the strange rendering of her face. I know that tends to send you back to the drawing board but I hold "weird" in high regard

  4. Thanks, NC. Me. too, yours.

    Thanks, Margaret and PA.

    Margaret, that's what I was trying for, so it's cool that you saw it.

    PA, relax. I hold weird in high regard too; I just like to know that I can also do "not weird."

  5. I love how your figures are almost carved into the paint. Wonderful!

  6. I think I like 2 and 4 best this time. I love you sketches. I have a thing for the beauty of a woman's back, and the blue highlights the woman beautifully. And number four almost looks like she's laying in water. The colors you use are stunning.

  7. These are some of my favorites. I also love the back, but I'm in the minority at these drawing meetups, so I don't often get the chance. And thanks, Meg.