Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woman In Black And Orange; Woman Looking Down; Profile In Blue And Orange

Drawn yesterday, from life.

 On colored pastel paper.

Woman in Black and Orange is very short poses, minute-long gestures, plus a longer drawing on top.

Then there was a break, and a few of us started talking about realism in drawing.

I think, if your goal is realism and you're drawing from life, you need to measure both length and width.  Do so, and your drawings will be much more realistic.

After all that, you probably think that I measured for the last two drawings.  I didn't, but just thinking about realism made me more careful with the lines and proportions and negative space.   


  1. i really loved the first work .

  2. I'm the one in the middle tonight.

  3. The last one. Not that I think it's the best among the three but because of the gestural drawings. That was my favorite thing to do in figure drawing ...the 30 second gesture. Kind of where I got my chops. Exaggerate exaggerate exaggerate, and it worked as well as freeing up your arm and shoulder. As Dr Thompson would tell you, don't draw from the wrist.

  4. From top to bottom, each gets more interesting to me. In the bottom, I'm not even sure which figure is more important, and I think I like that.

  5. But the woman in red--pensive mood, passionate color? That's plenty interesting too.

  6. Thanks, Caio.

    AH, I was the one in the middle when I was drawing it. The model actually looked happy.

    PA, I love the gestures too. If I can (if there's room) I always stand to draw because I can move my arm from the shoulder, and, not infrequently, my whole body.

    Thanks, Banjo. I am switching the order of these.

  7. KB looks like she's in the sauna, for some reason.

  8. CO, you're right. It does look sauna-like.

  9. wow..nice painting you have your post keep it up..


  10. If I had to choose one, it's be the middle one -to me she seems serene. i really love how the texture of the paper comes through, and adds depth. On another note, do you offer any pieces for sale?

  11. Thanks, Meg. This is also a favorite of mine.

    About the selling, I don't offer any pieces for sale. I have sold one piece from this blog to a woman who really loved it. She contacted me by email. (She wanted more, but I wasn't ready to sell, yet.)

    I'm still trying to figure out the selling aspect, but, at this time, I'm definitely open to inquiries. And I'm thrilled that you like these well enough to ask. Email me for more info, if you like.