Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Woman In Red And Yellow; Profile In Blue And Red; Crime Scene

 Drawn this morning, from life.

Woman In Red And Yellow is pastel and charcoal on 9"x12" card.

Profile In Blue And Red is oil pastel on oil painting on 11"x14" canvas.

Crime Scene is oil pastel on oil painting on 12"x12" canvas.

About these:

The model kept assuming poses that made her look recently deceased, with limbs and head dangling.  Finally, with the bottom portrait, I went with it.


  1. I was going through some of your drawings and paintings, thinking that if you sell some of your work, or repros of your work, and if I can put some duckets aside, which one I would choose. I know. I have a favorite.

  2. I'm liking the middle profile (again). You have a way of working in those free, expressive areas without compromising the the form; it is still there in a powerful way.

  3. AH, repros sounds like a good idea. Keep them and still sell them. Should I ask which one?

    Katherine, thanks for the encouragement. At home, I'm getting frowny faces over the works on canvas. But I'm liking them and planning to explore more of them.

  4. oops, missed these

    Betcha AH will pick out something blue.

  5. That's not a bet I'd want to be on the other side of.