Friday, October 1, 2010

Women Reclining In Blue

I drew this the same morning as "Artist and Model 2."

Drawn from life.

Mixed media on white Coventry paper, about 10"x20".


  1. This feels like the coolest temperature, mood, of all your blues. Also the most relaxed?

  2. Unusual the composition!

  3. Almost looks like a reflection. Nice.

  4. Blue, blue, blue... how soothing. Love the sailboats in the background so very much. The figures are stellar.

  5. very intense and beautiful painting!
    I love the strokes and colors

  6. hmmm

    looks familiar?

    when you rework a piece do you do it in the classroom setting or at home? This is an improvement (my opinion). Often when you rework you run the risk of overwork

  7. Banjo, definitely cool. Most relaxed? Maybe for the viewer. One of the least concerned with what was in front of me; maybe relaxed in that sense.

    AH, a hybrid. Seems appropriate for these mermaid-like creatures.

    Thanks, Shanna. Me, too.

    Thanks, Pierre and Paula. I was playing with reflection, objects that suggest other objects. (While it was one model, one pose, I tried to make the figures look different.)

    Denise, thank you.

    PA, I'm always risking overworking; when I go too far I either decide I like it "too far" or paint over it or rub it out and draw over it. I'm doing these by myself, at home--so classroom of experience, plus community of artists and bloggers for advice and feedback.

    Yeah, no cubes.

    Thanks, Casey.

  8. PA, I just took out the confusing "studio" reference. (I was using it to mean I'd changed the drawing after the model stopped posing.)