Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reclining Woman In Grey; Head of Reclining Woman; Woman In Leaf; Seated Figure

 Drawn yesterday morning, from life.

Reclining Woman In Grey and Woman In Leaf are pastel and charcoal on pastel card, approximately 9"x12".

Head of Reclining Woman is ink on 9"x12" Bristol.

Seated Figure is Tombow marker and ink, with water and brush, on approximately 9" square Bristol.

Yesterday was grey and drizzly all day, and these drawings show that influence.


  1. These are all great. I very much like the one in ink. I like the contrast of the straight and curved lines. Very nice.

  2. Wonderful drawings all. The mood is captured well in each. A sleepy time of year.

  3. Thanks, Pierre. I really liked doing the ink, so much so that I did more of it today.

  4. Thanks, Anthony.

    I've been fairly subdued this week. Feels like all I can do to show up and draw a bit.

    Today is gorgeous here, so maybe I'll get some zip back.

  5. I like this meaty body, and the way you've conveyed her poise and being comfortable with herself.

  6. Thanks, Paula.

    The model got some extra flesh in my drawing--definitely exaggerated by me--but the poise and grace are hers.