Monday, January 10, 2011

Woman Looking Up

Woman looking Up, drawn yesterday afternoon, from life.

Ink on 9"x12" Bristol.


  1. Jean, I check in on you regularly and yet, I still have multiple posts to look at when I stop by. That shows me how prolific you are in your work. Your consistency and persistence is inspiring.
    Nice sketch!

  2. She seems a completely complete creation and full of characterization. For me, that's unusual in black and white.

  3. It's a complete characterization for me as well. Makes me wonder what she was thinking.

  4. I just finished listening to Patti Smith on Charlie Rose and did some Googling about her, Mapplethorpe and Sam Wagstaff. M'thorpe's S&M work is too extreme for me but I would really be interested to know how his work informed photography and art? Has he influenced anything you do, the NYT certainly believes his work has had a far reach.

  5. Nice work - figures are so hard, at least for me!

  6. Thanks, all.

    Paula, I haven't read the Smith book, though I did hear her being interviewed about it a while back on NPR. Sounds fascinating.

    There are some influences that are pervasive because, even if you don't look at the work yourself, other artists and especially commercial artists and filmmakers do, and so the ways of seeing and expression become part of the times. Mapplethorpe has such reach. Exposure to what he did "trickles down" or "expands outward" to us all, just from being alive now.