Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some of the "Taheerah" Paintings and Drawings

For a change, I thought I would post a group of drawings and paintings done over the last couple of  years.  The last two drawings, a pastel of a reclining woman and a graphite drawing of gestures, have not been posted elsewhere on this blog.

These all have the same model, Taheerah.  She is a working artist, mainly doing animation.

She is one of my favorite models.  Even though none of these works are "likenesses," you may recognize her distinctive regal confidence in other drawings and paintings I have posted within the last couple of years.

The top drawing, a pastel, is the first drawing I did with Taheerah as model, and it is still a favorite of mine. 

For the curious, here's a list of the rest of my posts featuring Taheerah as model:  March 1, 2012; June 11, 2011; January 24, 2011; December 2, 2010; November 23, 2010; and September 7, 2010.

My drawing of Taheerah titled "Floating Woman" was also used, with my permission, to illustrate this blog essay by Margaret Diehl.


Tacodeli goes to the dog.

UPDATE . . . 

on Daniela Rossell and her book of photographs, Ricas y Famosas

I now have a copy of  Ricas y Famosas.  The photos are gorgeous, and the context of the work is much clearer.

The photos, taken together, are beautiful and strange.  They also tell a bit about wealth in Mexico; how the very very rich live. Rossell is a member of this privileged group.  Like photos of extreme poverty, these photos make you aware of extraordinary disparities in society.

She started this series of photos with a core of close family and friends and expanded outward from there.  The subjects decided how and where and with what objects they would be photographed.  They are mostly women.  They are mostly rich, though some are not (several are servants of the very rich).  They are all fascinating.


  1. These are so beautiful. I especially like one with the blue background. There is a peaceful thoughtfulness mood to it tha I admire.

  2. Thanks, Margaret.

    It's one of my favorite pastels.

  3. These are beautiful! I think you should do a utube video of yourself doing a composite sketch like the one at the end-would be a great instructional video for novices like me(:)

  4. It’s great to have a favorite model, who is available often. These drawings are great. I really like the gestures.

  5. She radiates confidence and knowing she's an artist changes everything for me. The works seem more collaborative?

  6. Thanks, Najma.

    I don't know how helpful a video would be. That kind of drawing isn't about technique.

    It is just an accretion of quick (about one minute) drawings. The basic technique is to draw, very quickly and spontaneously, the essence of the movement of the figure.

  7. AD, thanks.

    That would be great, but it's not the case here.

    She actually models infrequently. I just try to make it my business to be there when she does.

    These are over the course of a couple of years.

  8. Paula, yes, it's always a collaboration between artist and model. That's the essence of life drawing.

    And yes, Taheerah is special because she is supremely confident in her physical presence, and this infuses her poses.

  9. You have wowed the crowd with these drawings Jean. I love your deep, smoldering colors; they add such drama. Your figurative drawing aint bad either kid. I also like how you take the page boldly. Really good stuff.

  10. I love that top one...her expression and posture are captivating...I like the blue one too...

  11. Thanks, Linda. As you know, boldness comes with time and practice.

    Thank you, Chieftess. You have picked two of my favorites.

    Thanks, Jane.

  12. It's great when you have a model that inspires you. My favorite was an elderly woman with the flare of Beatrice Woods. She had modeled for many recognized artist during her lifetime. I was deeply honored when she would walk around the class during her breaks and stop at my work. Tell me how good she thought it was.

    It was - because of her

  13. Boy, I love a well-written essay; Floating Woman was the perfect illo.

  14. Like it was made for it. Thanks, AH.

  15. P.S. I 'd be honored to have you use one of my drawings.

  16. Much as I like the bottom two, Number 3, the head, might be my favorite. Such unexpected details!

    What a nice thing to be able to looks back on all these. Congratulations.

  17. I don't recall seeing a portrait of a person with their eyes closed, as in the first, which is very arresting! I love the pale blue highlights.

  18. Thanks, Banjo. It's especially nice to have a photographic record of them, which I keep even when the originals go to others.

    Thanks, Ruth. That day way both hot and threatening to storm. We even had a bit of rain during the session, which was outdoors in the flower/herb/vegetable garden of a local cafe.