Sunday, June 10, 2012

Austin Summer Blues; Under-Paintings; Grey Abandon 2

I started some paintings last week.

First, Austin Summer Blues.  Oil over acrylic on 30" x 40" canvas.

Painted from memory and imagination.

I tried to paint this entirely in acrylic, but I missed the sensuous feel and look of oil paint, so I painting over the base of acrylic with oils.

I don't know if it is done.  I'm going to let it sit awhile and then re-assess.

Next, Under-Paintings, two canvases, waiting for additional work.

I like to make my under-painting interesting.  It gives me something to paint in reference to, that I can work into my final composition to a greater or lesser degree.

Finally, Grey Abandon 2, a digital version of Grey Abandon  (8" x 8" total, with image at 6" x  6"):
Grey Abandon 2 


Three dears at rest.


  1. Beautiful paint! veery nice!

  2. You have been busy. I know what you mean about missing the smear of oils; that was my problem with Rain after getting reacquainted with oils through those portraits and loving the luxury of the smear. A spray bottle sometimes gives you what you want from acrylics, but you have to paint on a surface level with the ground and you have to work fast. Fingers and palms are good too.

  3. Thank you, Evelin. I'm still working on it, by leaving it alone for a bit, so I can decide what it needs.

    Thanks, Linda.

    I've tried all the tricks and they work for the smear but they don't supply the sensuous fat content.

  4. Ciao Jane,
    I tried to understand your problem (I
    painted on oil, but not for a long time) but with aquarell the problems are others...
    I find Austin estate nude surreale and I like it!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  5. Thanks, Floriana. Very surreal.

    There is no problem with the oil. I just was saying I like the feel of it better than acrylic.

  6. It's interesting to read about how the tactile sensation of the paint influences your choices. I'd love to hear more abut that.

  7. I do like the colors and the feel of the brush strokes in these.. It is hard to decide when to stop and when to go on.

  8. Margaret, it's kind of like you and bacon. I think oil paint, with its high fat content, improves most everything.

    Thanks, Anthony. It sure is. I just have to be bold enough to mess up the parts I love to make a better whole.

  9. I'm working with acrylic at present. Unfortunately I can't seem to adapt to a way of using them that I feel confident in. I keep returning to the way I worked in oils (layers of glaze, except thin to thick.

    Mr V aquired, later in life, sensitivities to solvents. He worked in Venice creating those giant fiber glass Lumber Jacks, cows etc, which might be the cause. Goes mad when I try to sneak oils past him.

  10. PA, acrylics can cause bad reactions in sensitive people too, when they are curing. (Can take weeks.) Oils are actually better--if you don't use paint solvents at all.

    Good luck. I'm betting you'll figure out a method with acrylic that you like. But it'll never be the same as oils. (Kind of like the analog/digital divide in records.)

  11. I LOVE Austin Summer Blues - so much depth!

  12. Thank you, minnemie.

    In person, it is beautiful to me.

    I will likely let it dry and then glaze parts of it for added depth. But for now, I am leaving it alone, so I can get some perspective.

  13. That meaty haunch and the deep blue [sea]...

  14. Thanks, Paula. The painting has definitely turned into something compelling to me.

  15. Love the brightness in the top two! Yes, very summery.

  16. Thanks, Banjo. I've done some more painting on Austin Summer Blues. If the quality of the daylight is okay today, I'll photograph and post it.