Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Drawn from life, end of October.

Pastel over Tombow marker, on 12" x 16" watercolor paper.

There are some wonderful, tall ginkgo trees near where I live.  Unexpected.


  1. I like that blue. And I like her--one of your most attractive models. I started to guess she was a coed, but she might be older than that? Still, a youngish woman against the aging suggested by autumn leaves.

  2. Thanks, Banjo.

    The model was pretty, youngish, and is the same model, same pose as the last post.

    A lot of the aging is in the hands of the artist.

  3. Yes, it is. She does look younger in this drawing.--and prettier. The background holds down the darker shades used in the model. I'll take your word that they are Ginko trees. I only know Maples on sight.

  4. Like this a lot. Makes one want to be part of her story, in a moody sort of way..

  5. A gorgeous and very creative portrait , lovely expression. Hope the Ginkgo trees are male trees, the female trees have a terribly bad smelling 'fruit' in autumn.

  6. Thanks, Linda and Anthony.

    Linda, ginkgoes are the only ones with fan-shaped leaves.

  7. Thanks, Jane.

    Unfortunately, I have experienced the female trees. The fruit is nasty smelling.

    The trees around here are male. No fruit, no stink, just large, lovely trees. The leaves haven't turned gold yet, though some have fallen.

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