Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Drawn today, from life. Each, about 18"x24".

I used Tombow markers for the colored portrait; charcoal and conte sticks for the black and white figure.


  1. These are beautiful. I especially like the black and white one - it has a powerful mood.

  2. The one on the right is so strong.

  3. I'm unfamiliar with Tombo markers. Must look them up.

    So I take it your settled in to Austin. Raises a lot of questions...oh mysterious you.

    The torso is well done but I'm finding the textured bands in the inky brown and pink couch very interesting.

    All in a days work

  4. Thanks, Katherine and AH.

    PA, Tombo is just a brand of water-soluble marker.

    Nope, not settled, more like freshly transplanted. Still need to unpack the art supplies fully, but unpacked enough immediately so I could draw.

    The only room in the house without unpacked boxes is the master bath.

  5. Wow! Wunderful Work as usual. But, where have you been all these months! (I know some of these other blogger's can be a tough bunch, LoL!!)

  6. Thanks, CP. Lots of stuff happened during those months. I'm just glad to be drawing and blogging, again.

  7. You must have found a drawing group in Austin.

    Have you been to Laguna Gloria Art Museum? My previous husband and I lived there freeee when we were in school at U.T. What is now a gallery on the second floor was an apartment. Someone had to live there for insurance reasons!!!!

    U.T. has a new museum, as you probably know. Very large. I've seen only part of it.

    Glad you're drawing again! I missed seeing your work. It always makes my fingers itch.

  8. Shanna, you are right; I've been drawing at AVAA on Home Lane (found it through "meet up").

    I haven't been back to Laguna Gloria yet, but I visited it frequently last year, when I spent a few weeks in Austin. It's where I drew Woman Reading,

    You are so lucky to have lived at Laguna Gloria as a student (what great housing karma).

    I have yet to visit the UT museum or even the downtown AMOA, but I have been to the Elisabet Ney house, And to the Flatbed Press, (I visited both places a couple of years ago.)