Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Young Man Dozing; Young Man Reclining

Drawn this morning, from life.

Young Man Dozing, 14"x17" charcoal and Conte pencil and sticks on white drawing paper.

Young Man Reclining, 12"x16" pastel and Conte pencil on black pastel paper.


  1. Am I right in thinking your time away gave you new energy and perspective?

  2. Just a thought here and not a criticism....but I wonder if now, that we all own digital cameras and have become accustomed to cropping imagery, if that familiarity has crossed over into drawing? I say this because it took me awhile to notice you'd done this with the right hand figure. Back in our pre digital era, someone would have asked you why. I think about symbols, signs and perceptions

    and yes, I like them both. The sepia rendering of the models face is very sensitive with that slight tilt

    now back to work before the squad comes looking

  3. AH, I think it gave me a lot of pent-up creative energy.

    PA, you are so right. One can see the difference in artwork created after the advent of photography. Personally, I tend to do a lot of cropping even when I draw because I gravitate to a feeling of solidity in my compositions (with the figure anchored to the page somehow)and I don't like little dangling bits of head, usually.

    These poses were too short (around 30 minutes each) for what I was aiming at; maybe I'll go back to them and work on them later.

  4. And I'm glad you snuck away from work for a moment.