Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seated Girl

Drawn this afternoon, from life. Tombow marker and pastel on watercolor paper. Approximately 12"x14".


  1. I think this cooler weather is inspiring all of us to think greens and blues.

  2. I wish! It's hot where I am (Austin).

  3. You moved just when we finally had a good summer.

    This woman has a pioneer face -- strong and -- resigned?

  4. Yes, it is hot in Austin! And humid.Air conditioning is a requirement.
    You are getting some really good models there at your group.

    Re: you comment last time...
    The Elizabet Ney Museum, Library and Sculpture Studio is one of my favorite places in Austin .I took Jim there when we were in Austin a couple of years ago. What a role model I had as a student!!! And to think - she had to go on a starvation strike just to be able to go to art school.

    How about the Charles Umlauf sculpture garden etc... I have not been there , but did have him as my sculpture teacher at the Univ. there.

  5. AH, I got most of the benefit of that cool summer--and it made packing things up much easier.

    I think "strong and resigned" describes the drawing well.

    Shanna, I agree, about the air conditioning and the good models. Also about the E.N. museum. Haven't been to the Umlauf, yet.

  6. Annie has left a new comment on your post "Michelle":

    Wonderful drawings!! I wonder if you drawed on white paper or on grey paper.

    Hi, Annie. The paper was white; the color is a wash from the marker.