Saturday, August 21, 2010

Young Woman Smiling

Drawn this morning from life.

Mixed media on black pastel paper, 12"x16".


  1. Is this the same model? Lovely. You must be on a roll. I'm seeing improvement with your handling of different media. This portrait makes me want to pull out the pastels and bamboo ink pens

    love the eyes

  2. Shanna, me too.

    PA, good catch. Yes, same model and pretty much the same pose and angle (that's what happens when you're always late--I stand at the back and peer).

    I haven't used pastels in ages, but they were the next things that I unpacked, after charcoal and markers. Just the luck of what was in the boxes, all unhelpfully labeled (by me) "art supplies".

  3. This is so good, Jean. I love everything in this drawing: the coarse colored lines, the light...
    You are working very hard since your back in blogland, I cannot follow you to post comments.
    I must and want learn to use colors to. I hope I will have the occasion at the academy.

  4. Now I'm gushing. (But the reclining woman, can't look at her enough.)

  5. Thanks, Annie and AH. Playing with the pastels is fun.

  6. There's a lot of character in that woman's face.

  7. And also a lot of character in the woman who modeled for this.