Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seated Woman; Standing Woman; Portrait of Woman Falling Asleep

Drawn today, from life.

Seated Woman, Tombow markers on pastel paper (approximately 7"x10").

Standing Woman, charcoal on white drawing paper, 14"x17".

Portrait of Woman Falling Asleep, charcoal and Conte sticks on drawing paper, 14"x17".


  1. Standing Woman looks like she could walk right off the page if she wanted to - plenty of energy. Woman Falling Asleep seems appropriately dreamy - very nice!

  2. More great images. You are more dedicated than I. I get a drawing out every 3 to 4 weeks. I'm sure a class would motivate me. I should take another life drawing.

    Thanks for the kind comment.

  3. I really like the light on seated woman. And the pose.

  4. I like the middle drawing. Gestural, but with a strong sense of armature. I don't know if I told you about this artist from Art Center. His name is Rey Bustos. He teaches life drawing. Does the most amazing chalk board drawings using colored chalk

    Hope this link comes through

  5. Thanks, Katherine and AH.

    Pierre, considering I didn't draw for almost a year, maybe using me as an example of dedication is slightly questionable, but thanks, anyway.

    PA, those drawings by Bustos are wonderful: good comparative anatomy and beautiful drawings. Thanks for the link. How do you know him?

  6. In the drawing of Woman Falling Asleep, the cascading and downward slicing marks reinforce the content and meaning of the subject. I expect to see her head nodding forward any second.

    This is what the masters did in their mark-making and what I see missing from most of the work I look at. So...this one is my choice of the group. Really nice puece.

    Do you know the drawings of Augustus John? And how about the book, The Language of Drawing by Edward Hill? My preferences are coming out...

  7. Shanna, thanks. I didn't know about Augustus John, but thanks to you and wikipedia, now I do. The google search turned up some beautiful paintings and drawings.

    As for the Hill book, I googled it, and now I can look around for it at used book places.

  8. I just checked the public library database: no luck.

  9. I googled Rey Bustos after PasAdj left a comment on my blog recommending him. Excellent for anatomical study.

    Hope you can find the Hill book. It is small, but very helpful in understanding master drawings.

  10. I just found it on Amazon. They have 5 in paperback.

    Are you familiar with The Art of Respossive Drawing? It is by Nathan Goldstein. It is larger, more recent and more comprehensive. You really get the idea though from the small Hill book.

  11. wow, listen to Shanna. I would have loved to take one of your drawing classes! I also think the climate is much more open to figure drawing. So many kids today really want skills as oppose to just theory

    Yes, Rey Bustos. I discovered him via Face Book. A friend of mine, Laura Paley who teaches digital courses at PCC, is taking his class this summer. I think he's teaching it at Disney's animation studio in Burbank. Otherwise he's at Art Center (and other places I'm sure)

  12. Shanna, PA and I are both in awe.

    Haven't seen the Goldstein book, either. Need to google that, too. (This is great--lots of books to look for and look at. Thanks!)

  13. Shanna, just looked at the Amazon site sample of the Goldstein book: looks interesting.