Friday, July 20, 2012

Artichoke in Flower (iPad Painting)

Drawn from memory and imagination, this past week, in Portland.

We drove out to Sauvie Island for fresh fruit and found some flowering artichokes.

Drawn with iPad, using Sketch Club app.

I'm discovery a lot of fun features of this app, like the capability of making a photo into a "brush stroke,"  something I have done in the lower left.  (Magnify to see.)


  1. Gestural!
    I like the free motion, lines, points. Green and pink perfect. The black line marks with force!
    Very good!

  2. from Pasadena Adjacent:
    "someone is having way to much fun"

    from altadenahiker:
    What an unexpected pleasure. And the shades or green and purple exactly right. (You know, I planted chokes originally to eat them. But I just let them flower, instead.

    from Jean Spitzer:
    Thanks, AH and PA. PA, like to think of it as fun, for sure. AH, my brother in law is the grower of artichokes going to flower in our family. Love the way the purple stuff feels.

  3. Hi Jean.I returned from my obsessive dedication. I really enjoy your works.I must confess that your nudes and faces remind me of Freud, such as Woman sleeping in chair.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Nice "At de Gym 2". The drawing an the description of the figure is very interesting.

  4. What the this you? I can't believe it. It's great. You are really doing to town with that new toy of yours. Where did you find Sketch Club?

  5. Nice Jean and your memory served you right ~I like the pop of lavender on the flower of the Artichoke.

  6. Maybe it's bcuz of your post today, or maybe it's bcuz I got food on my own blog today, but I recently had an Artichoke sandwich! 1st time. Have you ever had one, JS?

  7. Thanks, Li.

    The black lines are my favorite part.

  8. Thanks, Blanco.

    I'm glad you are enjoying these. Conveying emotion (quickly--or slowly--depending on medium) is what these drawings are about.

  9. Thanks, Linda.

    It is an app available for iPad 2.

  10. CP, I have not, though now I wonder, why not.

    Something I make all the time in the spring is matzoh brie with onions, artichokes and balsamic vinegar, from an LA Times recipe.

    But my all-time artichoke favorite is the simple steamed with melted butter or mayo with garlic and salt. (The whole artichoke, where you dip the petals one by one.)

  11. I agree with your Art I Choke favorite method of eating.

  12. Had grilled artichoke last night at northern Italian restaurant, with same dipping sauce. Delicious, too.