Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At the Gym (iPad Painting Number 9)

Drawn Tuesday night, at the gym.

Still using Art Rage app, still using one layer. 

Fairly heavy use of three of the virtual palette knives, in this painting. 

Also several brushes, paint right out of the tube, pastel stick, some watercolor and markers and a couple of erasers.

And I started with an underpainting, which in this case means I had already painted an abstract painting on the screen before I painted into it and over it with the figures.


  1. You handle the virtual palette very well!

  2. Thank you, Casey. I'm starting to understand that it is much like the real palette.

  3. And this green one caught my eye yesterday. It's an action drawing I suspect. The colors are great. I don't know whether I would have reached for green for figurative drawing. Brilliant. It adds a lot of interest.